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The Cayman Jewish Community Center
Help build a dedicated Jewish Educational Center in the Cayman Islands


The Cayman Jewish Community has with G-d's help witnessed incredible growth over the past few years, with new Jewish families moving to the island, new babies born, and engagements of local Jewish couples. We are seeing a steady increase of participation in the many educational programs for children of all ages. We have also enjoyed incredible holiday and social events, stimulating lectures, Shabbat dinners, and celebrated many simchas together as a community.

On behalf of all those touched by these various programs and activities, we thank you for partnering with us to cover the annual operating budget of $400,000. Your continued support helps to provide quality Jewish programming in the Cayman Islands.

Our sages teach us, that we must never rest and be satisfied with our accomplishments, but rather, we must always grow. It has become apparent that our community's growing needs require a dedicated Jewish Community Educational Center, custom tailored for the needs of our dynamic community.

 With G-d’s help, we have contracted 2,000 sq feet of space on West Bay Rd. to serve as the new Cayman Jewish Educational Center.

The new center will have specially designed classrooms for a new pre-school and the Cayman Hebrew School to help our youth grow. It will also host the Jewish Learning Institute, a new Jewish Teen Club, and a multi purpose chapel for daily study and prayer.

We are seeking partners in setting up the new center and running operations. Our fundraising goal is  $300,000 CI Dollars for the year 2017. Please click here to join in making this a reality. Construction is slated to begin in September please G-d.

We are most grateful to you for helping us reach this point in our community's development, and we invite you to join us in ushering in a new era for Jewish life and learning in Cayman. We are certain that this new center will help raise the profile of the Cayman Jewish Community and provide deep and enriching Jewish experiences for all.

Thank you for your commitment and continued support .

 Rabbi Berel and Rikal Pewzner

The Chabad Cayman Jewish Community

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